Implementation of Venture Capital (VC) vehicles.
We help companies or groups of investors to create their own Venture Capital vehicles.

Research and screening of investment opportunities.
We add even more value to investment vehicles with the expertise of experts, a database of opportunities and continuous access in startup environments.

We carry out the complete management of a VC vehicle.

4D Capital Participações LTDA (Neo Ventures Capital) is in the process of accreditation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM). We belong to the category of "Securities Portfolio Manager".

Internal codes and policies:

Code of Ethics:  |  Internal Controls and Compliance Manual | Asset Selection and Allocation Policy | Money Laundering Prevention Policies | Risk Management Policy | Personal Trading Policy | Apportionment and Order Splitting Policy | Suitability Policy | Reference Form

Capture investments for your startup.


Learn how to plan and implement your company's CVC.

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